A Petition, signed by a majority of legal voters of township 110, range 44, praying for the organization of the township as a separate political unit under the name of Marshfield, was filed in the Auditor's of the County Commissioners. The school house in District No. 3 was designated as the place for holding the first township election and the date set for August 14, 1880.

The fist township meeting convened August 14, 1880 pursuant to the action of the Board of County Commissioners as stated above. Charles Marsh was chosen moderator and G. I. Larson, clerk of the meeting. S. Manchester, Charles Marsh and G. I Larson were appointed tellers of the election. A canvass of the votes at the close of the election disclosed the following results: J. W. Lawton was declared elected chairman of the board of supervisors; Peter Kroll and S. Manchester, supervisors; Isaac Starr, clerk; R. H. Sisson, treasurer; W. L. Hughes, justice of peace; F. W. Hughes and John Starr, constables; Theobald Kuehn, road overseer.

The first regular annual town meeting was held March 8, 1881 at S. Manchester's store. The meeting was called to order by Isaac Starr, clerk. W. L. Hughes was chosen moderator. The moderator stated the purpose of the meeting was to elect three supervisors, one clerk, one treasurer, one assessor, two justices of peace, two constables, one overseer of highways for each highway in the township, and any other business which was proper to be transacted.

At the close of the election the following were declared elected to their respective offices: S. Manchester, chairman of the board of supervisors by 17 votes; Peter Kroll and W. L. Hughes, supervisors; Isaac Starr, clerk; R. H. Sisson, treasure; George Brownell, assessor; Isaac Starr and C. Riley, justices of the peace; Charles Clement and Theodore Kuehn, constables; J. W. Lawton, road overseer.

At this meeting a motion was made and passed to levy a tax of $50.00 for compensation of officers and contingencies, also to levy a tax of $25.00 to build a bridge near M. Dressen's homestead.

A Motion was also passed, to designate S. Manchester's store, Lawton's corner and Brownell's corner as the three legal places for posting public notices. Also, a motion was carried that the clerk be instructed to correspond with Chicago & North Western Railway with a view of securing four acres of land in section 19 for a cemetery. The village of Marshfield was designated as the place for holding the next annual town meeting.

At a board meeting held April 2, 1881 a three-mill tax was levied. S. Manchester, W. L. Hughes, Peter Kroll and Isaac Starr were present at this meeting.

Marshfield Township

Brownell, George

Clement, Charles

Dressen, M.

Hughes, F. W.

Hughes, W. L.

Kroll, Peter

Kuehn, Theobald

Kuehn, Theodore

Larson, G. I.

Lawton, J. W.

Manchester, S.

Marsh, Charles

Riley, C.

Sisson, R. H.

Starr, Isaac

Starr, John